Legalization of stay

If you already are, we will help you legalize your stay in the EU or England

Personal Agency is a leader in the personnel services in the Czech , Duch and England markets


We will verify your company or partners to confirm that it really exist.


Dozens of job offers and companies in one place . Webside for candidates so you can find your expected job.

England , Czechia or the Netherlands ?

Job-Partners is a strong , promising and energetic company operating in the field of agency employment, personnel service and consulting , specializing in the EU market.

Work in England

All inclusive package :
* Job placement ,
* Help with rental a room ,
* Help with NIN ( compulsory registration for insurance ) ,
* Opening a bank account ,
* Pick up the customer from the bus station or airport.

Work in the Netherland

All inclusive package :
* Job placement ,
* Room rental – guaranteed ,
* Help with BSN ( mandatory login ) ,
* Opening a bank account ( additional service ) .

Why me?

The company benefits from the rich experience of its founding members and managers in the field of human resources management.
Our credo is maximum satisfaction of our employees and especially business partners , honesty , maximum flexibility and professionalism.


1 Temporary Help – agency employment
2 Recruintment – mediation of employees
3 Outsourcing service 
4 Personnel consulting
5 Specialized employee training.

Services for candidates.

Our quick intervention will help keep the company at the high the employee will be efficient and safe.

Bank account.

* Secure bank account in England
* Secure bank account in Belgium

Visa aplication.

* for Ukraina ,
* for Nepal ,
* for all African country.


We will verify your company or partner and confirm that is really exists.
This will help you avoid becoming a victim of human trafficking.

Services for companies

The goal of our company is to establish long-term cooperation with our business partners and , thanks to it , to respond to their needs as quickly and flexibly as possible.

Cost svings.

Personnel costs will be reduced, becouse if the services are cheaper, the give department and the efforts of human resources can be reduced.

Obtaining more professional services.

The external supplier is a profiled specialist for activities , in this form it is possible to obtain know-how and experience that are not available from the contracting authority.

From the World.

We offer labor force from Ukraine , Nepal , India , Ethiopia , Czech Republic , Slovakia and more African country.

Visas .

All visa formalities are our problem , NOT yours.


These companies cooperate with us or provide services.
We are roud to be abble to work with you.

Client References

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Do you ever feel that you encounter he same obstacles over and over again? No, it’s not like this , I think I’ve been here before.

HR Team 

Personal Werk

We started using EuropeLife  few years go , and during our experience we found it to be excellent.


Axidus International

My experiences are very good. Almost all profiles are verified. Bad employees are everywhere but EuropeLife has few of them.

HR Manager

Axipack B.V.

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Our Team

These people are always ready to meet our requirements , do not hesitate , if you have any questions , please contact the relevant department.

Christopher Fiodor

Director of Company


Czech Republic

Team Mlada Boleslav



Team Rotterdam



Ukrainian Team