Privacy Policy

SECTION 1 : Personal data protection.

According to the Regulation of the European Parliament and the Council (EU) 2016/679, the general regulation on the protection of personal data and Act No. 110/2019 Coll. on the processing of personal data.

On this page, we would like to inform you about how and for what purposes we process your personal data and what rights you can exercise as part of the processing.


63 Londonderry Tower,
SR12LB Sunderland , England,

company number 11614089,

(hereinafter referred to as the “administrator”), is the administrator of the personal data that you provide to us in connection with the business relationship established between you as the data subject and the Company (hereinafter referred to as the “business relationship”).

We obtain your personal data directly from you, they are not provided to us by third parties.

We only process personal data required in connection with the business relationship. This includes your first and last name, title, date of birth, photo, email, telephone, field of activity, experience, education, citizenship, language skills, courses completed, training and certificates, knowledge and skills, personal interests. As each employer’s requirement is different, it is not possible to accurately list here a complete list of all the data we process. However, we only require the data that is absolutely necessary for your application for a specific job position. We never require, for example, your birth number, passport number, ID card, etc. The services of our server, which are not directly related to the recruitment process, are limited to basic identification data (name, surname, e-mail, telephone). We record the data for 10 years, based on our contractual obligation. You can unsubscribe by sending an email to

Use of data associated with the business relationship
We only process personal data required in connection with the business relationship, especially for sending your application to the selected employer. We emphasize that we are not always in the position of the administrator of personal data. If you respond to a vacant job position, the administrator of your personal data is the employer who advertises the position. We are only in the position of processor of personal data. If the applicant does not give the employer consent to the processing of personal data beyond the scope of the given purpose (i.e. registering for the selection procedure), the applicant’s data are deleted after the end of the selection procedure, or after a maximum of 10 years. Applicants and clients take note that the client is not authorized to transfer applicants’ personal data to other employers, unless applicants are transparently informed about this.

Business communication
We consider it our legitimate interest to send commercial messages to our customers. If you are not our customer, we require your consent. We send commercial messages to your email approximately once a month. We record the data required for sending commercial communications for a maximum period of 10 years, or until the time of unsubscribing from their subscription. You can unsubscribe automatically through each sent commercial message.

We use cookies on our website to ensure its full functionality and for statistical purposes. We consider such processing to be our legitimate interest. You can limit or block their use in your browser settings.

You have the right to request access to your personal data from us, you have the right to their correction, erasure or restriction of processing, or the right to object to processing, as well as the right to data portability, all within the scope of the EU General Regulation on Personal Data Protection. You have the right to request a copy of the personal data we hold about you. If you repeatedly ask us for copies of your personal data, we may charge a reasonable fee for this. If you decide to use any of the above rights, please send us a clear description of the request including relevant personal data, state your name and surname, the legal entity you represented. We may require additional information to protect your personal data from unauthorized access. If you have any concerns about the way your personal data is processed, or you want to make a complaint about how we have processed your personal data, you can contact us at the email address If you are not satisfied with our answer or believe that we are processing your personal data in violation of legal regulations, you have the right to complain to the Office for Personal Data Protection.

The data protection officer is the director of EuropeLife ltd, who can be contacted at

SECTION 2 : Provisions and privacy policy.

Introductory Provisions
These terms and conditions of EuropeLife ltd., (hereinafter referred to as “HR”) apply to the use of the services of the internet server

HR further defines and specifies the rights and obligations of the operator of the Internet server (hereinafter referred to as “ /”), which is

63 Londonderry Tower,
SR12LB Sunderland , England,

company number 11614089,

A user is any person who visits / A customer is anyone who submits a job offer on / All contractual relations between / and the User are governed by the order and these OPs. In matters not regulated, the contractual relations between and the User are governed by generally binding legal regulations, in particular Act No. 89/2012 Coll., Civil Code.

These HRs are issued in accordance with the provisions of § 1751 of the Civil Code. The seller reserves the right to change the HR or replace the existing one with a new one. The new HRs will be published on the website of the seller before they become effective.

The Internet server serves to advertise job offers. When using /, the User is obliged to familiarize himself with the current wording of the HR and is obliged to comply with the obligations arising from them.

Services for Users / provides space for posting offers. Offers are processing for 30 days.

Creating an offer and concluding a contract
By entering an offer (advertisement) on the part of the Customer, an order is created, which represents a proposal for concluding a contract with / proposal is subject to approval by reserves the right to modify or delete submitted offers without giving a reason. Adjustments made by may include, in particular, the deletion of links and contact information in the offers and adjustment so that the selected categories and working hours correspond as best as possible with the job offered.

The following rules apply to the content of the Customer’s entered offer:

  • it is forbidden to use capital letters in the title;
  • title and text must be gender, race, etc. neutral to meet the requirements of the anti-discrimination law;
  • modifications to the source code are prohibited – all modifications to the layout and appearance of the ad must be approved and carried out by;
  • it is not allowed to insert external links and contact information into the offers;
  • it is not possible to modify the wording of the offer during its validity period

Furthermore, is not obliged to publish a position advertisement especially if:

  • The services should contain information that is contrary to the legal order of the European Union, general ethical rules, public order or good morals,
  • The services should contain information with sexual undertones, such as job offers or part-time jobs that relate to sexual services,
  • The customer conditions the mediation of the work by paying a handling fee,
  • Advertisements offering a job position with elements of the multi-level marketing system (MLM),
  • Advertisements contain general and commercial information about the Customer’s products (e.g. “we offer au pairs”, “let the Internet earn money” or “I will do it for a reward”, etc.), which have the nature of advertising,
  • Information is presented in violation of customs and regulations for filling in entry forms (e.g. presenting asterisks, underscores and other special characters in the position name),
  • Information or biographies about third parties are presented without their knowledge,
  • The information may damage the good name or reputation of / or other natural or legal persons,
  • The presentation contains a direct Internet link to the Customer’s job positions or links to forms requiring registration of persons and presentation of advertising messages that invite persons to register.

To accept the Customer’s proposal, and thus the creation of a contractual relationship with / , occurs upon approval of the submitted offer by / After approval, the offer is published for a period of 1 month.

When publishing Offers, the Customer is obliged to provide true and up-to-date information.

Users are allowed to respond to published Offers without registration. / does not guarantee uninterrupted access to,/ , or the integrity and security of is not responsible for damage caused to the User or Customer when accessing and using,/ damage caused by service interruption, failure, computer viruses, damage due to loss of data, profit, unauthorized access to transmissions and User data.

By clicking on some links on the website, you may leave the website and be redirected to the websites of third parties. reserves the right to limit or terminate the Customer / User’s access to the portal at any time.

Damage compensation
In case of defective performance by,/ the Parties agree that
will provide compensation to the Customer by providing other Services of an equivalent value, or will provide other alternative performance as agreed by the Parties. is not responsible for damage caused by force majeure or malfunctions outside the technical equipment of “Force majeure” means a temporary or permanent extraordinary, unforeseeable and insurmountable obstacle arising independently of the will of The liability of for damage caused by the technical and software equipment of in connection with the services provided is limited to the amount paid by the Customer for the Services based on the concluded Agreement.

Final Provisions
These HR apply in the wording stated on the website

Unless otherwise stated in these HR, an act performed by the contractual party in the form of registered mail, data message or e-mail is also considered a written act. In the case of a written act in the form of an e-mail message, the mandatory requirement of which is the signature of the acting person according to these HRs, the written act is duly performed if the e-mail message contains an electronic signature identifying the acting person or a scan of a document containing such a handwritten written act by the signature of the acting person.

Out-of-court dispute resolution is the responsibility of the Czech Trade Inspection, with registered office at Štěpánská 567/15, 120 00 Prague 2, ID number: 000 20 869, internet address:

SECTION 3 : Penalties and fees.

Everyone who starts working through the recruitment of EuropeLife LTD or Fiodor Investment Group is exempt from administrative costs, provided that they work for a minimum of 3 months in the company or agency to which the recruitment process was carried out.

In case of non-compliance with the 3-month deadline, they are required to pay administrative costs of €200

The fee for private screening is £ 600

The fee for verifying the company is 400 GBP

the fee for starting the emigration process is 2000 GBP

If the company or a person from the management sends any amount of money, it is automatically accepted as the beginning of the emigration process, which is intended to transfer to a European country and this involves a fee


The contractual penalty for failure to comply with or breach / delay of the terms of the contract is £ 5,000

Registration on the website is a contract.
Everyone who registers accepts all warrants and fees and undertakes to comply with and pay on time.

Payment must be made within 14 days from the date of completion of the work or, if boarding is confirmed and the candidate does not arrive at the specified address within the specified time.

All payments will be made to the bank account

63 Londonderry Tower,
SR12LB Sunderland , United Kingdom

IBAN : GB REVO 0099 6914 2285 92


Borrower and Blacklist

In case of non-payment of the amount owed, each person agrees to be included in our official list of debtors along with all personal data and their likeness.

This profile will remain visible until the outstanding amount is paid in full.

In the event of a debt to Europe Life ltd, we will inform the debtor’s bank, embassy and transfer the case to the debt collection in the debtor’s country.

EuropeLife ltd is not responsible for the amount of the debt after the debt has been transferred to an outside company.
EuropeLife ltd is not responsible for the methods used by the debt collection company.

Table of fees and penalties

Verification of the Private Person£ 600
Company verification£ 400
Payment at the conclusion of the contract£ 2000
Breaking / failing to meet / delaying contractual processes£ 5000
e-mail request for payment£ 25
postal request for payment£ 50
Work through job-partners£ 200
Self-employment through Job-partners / EuropeLife (provision fee)£ 1 per hours